Calle de las Damas: the first paved street in the New World

Calle de las Damas: the first paved street in the New World

A favourite promenade of ladies of the court, one might have seen Maria de Toledo, the Spanish King's niece and spouse of Diego Columbus (son of Christopher) walking here.

Lined with colonial houses from the rich historical past, the street begins at Plaza de Espana, where the Alcazar de Colon stands. Here time seems to stand still with a thick silence, barely touched by the distant laughter of children playing.

The Ozama fortress and the Nuestra Senora de los Remedios chapel are here, as is the Gothic building from the 16th century where Hernan Cortes prepared his expedition to Mexico (now the French Embassy). Across from the aristocratic Hostal Nicolas de Ovando, with its fabulous brick arcades, one can see the Panteon Nacional, a former Jesuit church, which was successively a tobacco warehouse and theatre before becoming a monument dedicated to the nation. In the central nave hangs a monumental bronze chandelier offered to the former dictator Trujillo by Spain's Generalissimo Franco. Also admire a sundial at the end of the street, flanked by four antique guns, built in 1753 on the orders of Governor Francisco Rubio y Penaranda.

Calle de Las Damas
Santo Domingo 10210