Comptoir du Marché: as though you were already seated

bistro - terrace
Comptoir du Marché: as though you were already seated

A ‘just back from the market' atmosphere defines this unusual and remarkable restaurant that offers discoveries of Mediterranean bistronomy.

The Formica furniture with blue and yellow tones places you directly in a Provençal kitchen of the 1950s.

At first glance, the place may seem a bit noisy, but you get accustomed to it – it's all part of the Comptoir du Marché's convivial atmosphere. Time-worn shelves filled to the brim with cans of sardines give it a charm you will not find anywhere else, as does its open kitchen, from which the sounds of cooking and delicious aromas escape. The waitresses dancing through this period decor are dynamic, graceful, and caring.

As for the menu – featuring dishes like beetroot-cured salmon gravlax, and seared duck breast – it is simply exquisite. On your plate, you find the same perfumes, the same vegetables that coloured the morning Saleya market stalls. If freshness is aromatic, the Comptoir is fragrant. Accompany these fragrances with wines of real character the bottles are just waiting to be set on your table.

Comptoir du Marché
8 rue du Marché
06000 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 13 45 01

Menu: around 35 EUR per person