Creative Neapolitan pizzas at Bráz Elettrica

Creative Neapolitan pizzas at Bráz Elettrica

As one of the hangouts of São Paulo's trendy youth, Bráz Elettrica has seen the lines grow longer every night. The price to pay for its terrific pizzas.

Crowds gather in front of the restaurant's funky front, painted in electric blue and canary yellow, but there is no waiter in sight. It's Bráz Elettrica's concept to have you order exclusively at the counter, just like a fast food restaurant. In the kitchen, the staff gets busy baking pizzas. Prepared in the Neapolitan manner, they partly owe their success to the crispy crust, result of a superfast cooking method – a mere 90 seconds! – in the two copper ovens. Between a Sr Falco with fresh sausage, the Supertramp with pancetta, mozzarella and mashed potatoes, or the El Dorado with its three cheeses, there is something for every taste. Pizza addicts will then take a seat in a universe inspired by New York Italian restaurants, showcasing an industrial style, high ceilings, and stripped-down walls covered in graffiti. The experience is worthy of waiting a few minutes at the counter!

Bráz Elettrica
R. dos Pinheiros, 220
São Paulo 03178-200

+55 (0)11 3061 5132

Menu: pizza from 26 BRL