Hotel Unique: a truly unique experience

Hotel Unique: a truly unique experience

This hotel is like no other with its half-moon silhouette,and it's one of the buildings that make São Paulo the new design capital.

Paulistascall it ‘the watermelon'. Ruy Ohtake, a major architect of São Paulo, designed it. It looks as though it is suspended in the air, and this is not just a visual effect. You feel almost weightless, as its 84 rooms and 10 suites are veritable floating bubbles. When you enter yours, everything is white monochrome, except for the light-wood floor and the colours of the paintings, while the openings on to the city are framed by porthole shaped windows. Unload everything that is weighing you down fatigue, stress and relax. You are here to take a break.

In order to sleep in total darkness, activate the sliding electric blinds. To unwind, activate the mobile glass wall separating the room from the bathroom. You can also watch TV from your bathtub. Later, head to the terrace. This hotel is renowned for its restaurant, headed by French chef Emmanuel Bassoleil.

But what might be said about its outrageous red swimming pool, which undoubtedly encourages a night of Bossa Nova? This is where you need to be in the evening, a glass of sake or a caipirinha in hand.

Hotel Unique
Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 4700
Jardim Paulista
São Paulo 01402-470

+55 (0)11 3055 4710

Rooms: from 1,320 BRL