Luisa Strina Gallery: the loving ambassador

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Luisa Strina Gallery: the loving ambassador

Passionate about art, she was the first to open a gallery and to support, and make known abroad, Brazilian creativity.

If you want to get a step ahead of the trends of Brazilian and South American contemporary art, and if you want to know which artists in whom you need to invest, go to the Luisa Strina Gallery. There is no better barometer of creation on the continent. Luisa Strina began her career as a talent agent, presenting her art-loving friends to her artist friends, who included Fajardo, Baravelli, and Duke Lee.

In 1974, she opened her gallery, which was then the first in São Paulo. Not only did she expose the Paulista new wave, but she also introduced pop art to Brazil, helping people to discover the works of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. In the early 1990s, Luisa Strina was also the first gallery from South America to be present at the Basel Art Fair.

Since then, she has participated in all the major international fairs, introducing artists who are still too little known outside their continent. Representing more than 40 artists, her gallery is a benchmark for Brazilian creation and a place where frequent exhibitions of young and new talents can be found.

Luisa Strina Gallery
R.Padre João Manuel 755,
Cerqueira César
São Paulo 01411-001

+55 (0)11 3088 2471