LWH Gallery:contemporary art from Buddha's point of view

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LWH Gallery:contemporary art from Buddha's point of view

Artists from all over Asia meet in feverish Shanghai to exhibit works inspired by Buddhism.

Enter this charming place through pink-framed black wooden doors. You are lost in the maze of alleys in Moganshan Toad near the Suzhou River. Its owner, Hee Lee Woon, a passionate Singaporean, is wonderfully hospitable. Convinced he was a Buddhist monk in a previous life, Hee has designed his gallery to exhibit contemporary artists from all over Asia who have been inspired by the encounter of Buddhism and modern life.

Cosmopolitan and influenced by the cultures and religions of the many countries he has lived in, Hee also seeks to show how Asia's current upheavals stimulate Asian artists. Shanghai, with its extraordinary metamorphosis and its commitment to its customs, seemed the ideal city in which to open his gallery. Hee will also explain his support for artists who have been held back by families hostile to contemporary art.

LWH Gallery
Office 102
Building 14
50, Moganshan Road

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