Mercado Municipal: in the land of coffee

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Mercado  Municipal: in the land of coffee

“Jacu”, “chuchu” and plantain bananas make your mouth water while giving you an irresistible urge to take a cooking class.

It's confusing. From afar, it resembles a 1920s train station. However, it is indeed São Paulo's covered market. Ramos de Azevedo, the architect responsible for the Pinacoteca, built it in the 1930s. Inside, you will notice its stained-glass windows evoking the four seasons. More than a market, it is almost a mall, reminding you that Brazil is an agricultural country and that São Paulo is the region of coffee culture. In the 1970s, it was nearly demolished, but instead, the smart decision was taken to renovate it. A mezzanine was added where you can enjoy a black coffee or a sandwich with mortadella, or perhaps a ‘pasteis', a typical bite-sized snack stuffed with pork, cheese, or cod. This will allow you time to sort out where to go. Head to the fruits and vegetables. Of course, there is fresh coconut, the sweet and fragrant mango, juicy watermelons, but also persimmons, Jacus, and pinhas, and for vegetables, jilós and ChuChus, not forgetting cassava and plantains. Do not miss the beer, wine, and tobacco leaf aisles. All of Brazil is there, ready to be discovered...

Municipal Market
R. da Cantareira, 306
São Paulo 01103-200

+55 (0)11 3313 3365