The Shanghai Museum: 5,000 years of glory

The Shanghai Museum: 5,000 years of glory

Between Heaven and Earth, one of the finest museums in the country presents China in all its splendour.

The museum fits harmoniously into the People's Square. Its base, a beige stone tripod, supports a big circle carved in the same stone. Thus, the architect pays homage to two essential elements in Chinese tradition: the Earth, represented by a square, and Heaven, which is round. From the entrance, its transparent atrium gives the museum harmony.

The beautifully arranged collections feature the latest lighting technology, which, in the paintings gallery, illuminates the masterpieces as one approaches them and bathes them in darkness as one walks away.

This is an exceptional journey through 5,000 years of civilisation. Perhaps you have heard of the famous gallery of bronzes on the ground floor with its sublime axes, bells, and Buddhist statues. Each gallery, in fact, is full of equally stunning works. There is the meditative beauty to be found in fabulous paintings, pieces of the purest cicada-shaped jade meant to be placed in the mouth of the deceased, divine celadon jars, sandalwood cabinets from the Ming era—all will fill you with deep emotion.

Shanghai Museum
201 Renmin Avenue

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